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Your fishing ground and the fish

The Faxafloi area is the defined fishing area during your fishing trip (see map below). You will have a guaranteed catch as the area is a rewarding one. Cod is the most common fish among haddock, pollock, redfish, catfish, whiting, ling and tusk. At gritty/sandy fishing grounds one might find various kinds of flatfish such’s as common dab, rough dab, lemon dab, plaice and even halibut (read more …… )

The Faxafloi area is an open water with a shallow ground where the ocean current can be quite heavy. That with the diversified bottom landscape explains the amount of fish and fish species in the area.

Great amount of large cod (20+ kg) and other spring spawning species migrates to Faxafloi at early spring to spawn at shallow water (March-April). The next few weeks after spawning big part of the large fish migrates to a deeper water. However, large number of them stay at spots known by the local fishermen. There is always a chance to catch some of these monsters during and throughout the summer.

In the end of the summer you might have to sail further to a deeper water to catch a large cod, as they have found their feeding grounds further away from the shoreline. Instead other species become more abundant and for the last few years large shoals of mackerel have entered Faxafloi area in midsummer.

Your boat

The boats are designed and build especially with the needs of sport fishing sea anglers in mind. The boats are 8 meter long and 2.6 meter wide with spacious steering house and good space on the deck. The engine is Volvo Penta 180 hp, diesel engine. Diesel consumption of the boat is low even though it can easily reach 20 miles+ in an hour.

In the steering house you can make use of the newest Garmin GPSMAP and Chirp sonar technique, displayed at 7-inch touch screen display and radio, sea map and cabin heater. Inside the steering house are seats for four to five persons and behind the steering house you will find two foldable chairs. A toilet is also inside one of the boats.

We can proudly state that these boats are the best equipped, specialized sea angling sport fishing boat in Iceland.

You’re Captain

Magnus, the owner of the company, was born in 1971 and has lived most of his live in Akranes. Magnus is a fish biologist with an extensive experience as a fisherman from his younger years. As your captain, he will make use of his knowledge and education to make the most of your fishing experience.

Magnus motto is: Respect the nature!

Your apartment

The apartments are located only 150 meters away from the harbour area, in the older part of Akranes. It’s a new 100m2 apartment with three sleeping rooms, all with a two single beds, a large dining and sitting room and a bathroom with washing machine and dryer. The kitchen is fully equipped with a large refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and microwave oven.

Linen and a towel are provided of each guests.

The town Akranes

Akranes is located north of Reykjavík in only 35 min driving distance. It´s the largest town in west Iceland with a population of about 7.000 people. In Akranes you all the major services such as grocery store, restaurants, gift shops, café and bars.

From Akranes you are able to reach most of the best known tourist attractions spots and places of the southwest area within one and a half hour drive, such as: Gullfoss, Geysir, Glymur waterfall, Snaefellsjokull glacier and others.

The most picturesque location in Akranes is, without a doubt, by the two lighthouses on the outmost point of the peninsula. The point, which goes by the name of “Breið” in Icelandic, is a perfect outdoor area where you can enjoy the coastline, the rich birdlife, the surf and the magnificent view across the bay over to Reykjavík and the Snæfellsnes peninsula. The bigger lighthouse is be open for guests all year around.

Akranes offers various options for all sorts of different activities, for example hiking and birdwatching, geothermal swimming pool or cultural experience at Akranes museum center. Birdlife is rich in the area along the coastline as well as near Akrafjall mountain.

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